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Fashion Tips For Hot Weather.

1. Keep cool in cotton

Choosing the right fabric is essential is you want to stay cool in the heat. But it’s not just synthetic fabrics that should be avoided: silk and wool trap heat against your body by preventing warm air flowing out. Look out for cotton, linen and rayon that absorb moisture and allow air circulation.


2. Let it all hang loose

Wear clothes that don’t cling to your body to allow more air. When you get dressed avoid anything skin tight or body con and veer towards your baggier, looser fitting clothes. Breezy dresses and full skirts are a good option.


3. Cover-up

Wearing as little as possible doesn’t necessarily mean you will be cooler. Covering up can actually help to keep you cooler by protecting your skin from the sun, essential if you want to stay cool in the heat.


4. Wear sunscreen

While sunscreen won’t have a direct cooling effect, it will protect you from harmful UVB and UVA rays. Sunburn reduces your ability to release heat from your body and causes you to lose body fluids. And looking like a lobster really isn’t a good look.


5. Look pretty in pastels

It’s a fact that dark colours absorb more heat than light ones wear White, beige and light pastel colors are the best shades to wear to keep your skin cool.


6. Wear a hat

Wear a lightweight hat for extra protection. Panama hats and trilbies are a great style statement and will keep you cool. But make sure you pick a breathable fabric (no wool or polyester) and the wider the brim the better.


7. Carry a spritz

This is such a simple trick but it works so well. Simply spray your face and arms and you will cool you down as the water evaporates from the skin.


8. Wear sunglasses

Believe it or not wearing sunglasses doesn’t just make you look cool but they are essential on a hot day to protect your eyes from harmful UVA & UVB rays.


9. Pack a fan

If you travel on public transport, a small hand held fan could be your savior . A fan will help to create a breeze around you that removes the surrounding heat and allows additional heat to escape your body, making you feel cooler.


10. Wear Sandals

For those who’s feet get really warm in heat. It could cause a ripple effect that leads to overall body warmth. Switch it up and wear sandals. Sucks and Boots are no your friends in hot weather. If you absolutely have too for work wear shoes made with lacey materials rather than leather for ventilation with cotton sucks not wool.

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