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It’s Never Too Good To Be True

For the past week, I started watching Sex and The City.



I felt i was mature enough to understand the mindset of the characters of the women and their stories. Back then when the re-runs were on cable TV, I couldn’t get passed it without cringing, being squirmish or judgmental.



Right now, I understand them.



Children of the Lord please open your screen to Season 3, episode 7; “Drama Queens”.



In this episode, Carrie started was in a very great relationship with a great guy called Aiden. It was so great that she couldn’t sleep properly. She felt something was off about her life. She even had to start arranging everything in her apartment and her work schedule to make sure she wasn’t missing anything. Everything was fine.



What was the next thing she did? She told Aiden to make himself less available in her life (this was when he suggested that she meet his parents, something she always hoped for in her previous relationship).



Aiden was confused but did what she wanted.



Now let’s bring this to real life. There are times we hope and wish for something to happen to us. At first we are grateful that it is finally happening for us. That a long last the one thing we prayed for is finally a reality.



What do we do next? We sabotage it because we believe it’s too good to be true, we do things we know we shouldn’t, probably to see the doom we believe we deserve to experience.



Never feel that you deserve less, don’t self-sabotage the amazing things happening to you. Relish it.



Carrie had an Aiden that stuck around after she went back to beg for his attention again in this episode.



You might have an Aiden when you do.

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