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Types of Clothing’s To Say Goodbye To

If your closet is chock full of clothes you are not going to wear this year, there are a few undeniable reasons to say goodbye to those old sweaters and jeans. Now that the spring season is almost knocking at our doors, it’s time to change something in your life.


It’s easy to trick yourself into thinking that maybe one day you will want to wear that dress again, but chances are you will never wear it again because you will buy some other, more beautiful gowns.


1. Your old clothes don’t fit you

If some of your pieces of clothing don’t fit you, it’s high time to say goodbye to them. You don’t need them, so what are you waiting for? We all face some body changes year by year. Some women or men put on weight, while others drop weight. Don’t keep your favorite but old pieces of clothing in your closet, you won’t wear them anymore.


2. You can’t wear your old clothes

No matter how hard you try, you can’t keep your favorite piece of clothing looking new all the time. It fits you, makes you look slimmer and boosts your confidence, but it’s very old. Every woman has that one piece in her closet that she doesn’t want to throw away or give away. If you see any sign of wear and tear on your clothes, it’s time to go shopping.


3. You have too many clothes

Do you really need all those 20 dresses, 15 pairs of jeans, 10 sweaters, 7 blouses and 5 skirts? While owning a lot of clothes has its benefits, there are also many disadvantages. First, it’s a waste of space and money. Second, you keep pieces of clothing that many people can wear with pleasure. Declutter your closet today in order to help people in need tomorrow.


4. You stop pursuing your hobby

If you stop swimming, dancing or working out at the gym, you probably don’t need swim wear, sportswear or dance wear. Even if you will swim or dance in future, you are more likely to purchase a new wear. If you are changing your job, you may think of buying new pieces of clothing as well.


5. Your old clothes don’t suit your current lifestyle

Last year, you enjoyed wearing your old clothes. This year, I’m more than sure that you don’t need those pieces. Look for clothes that don’t suit your current lifestyle and trow them away, or better, donate them. If your mom or friend like your old sweater, give it to her for free. Your sweater will become new for your mom and she will definitely thank you for it. Parents often can’t afford to buy expensive clothes, so why not help them? Just make sure that sweater doesn’t look too old.

6. Your clothes have permanent damages

If your favorite pieces of clothing have unrepairable tears, some serious stains and any other permanent damages, it’s a crucial reason to say goodbye to those pieces. There’s no sense in keeping them in your closet. If you can’t get rid of those damages, try to get rid of those pieces. Your closet will thank you!


7. They are not trendy

I’m certainly not promoting wearing trendy things only, but having a few trendy things is a must. Matching old pieces of clothing with old ones is a hard work, or rather unsuccessful work. Your old clothes might be in a good condition and you don’t want to throw them away, but try to match them with your recent purchases and you will understand me.


Spring is a perfect season for cleaning your home. Start with your closet and makeup bag. Not only can you donate things you don’t need to charities, you can also sell them or do a clothing swap with your sisters and friends. My favorite way to get rid of my old pieces of clothing is to donate them. I’m not a good seller, so I prefer to give them away. What about you? How do you get rid of your favorite dresses and sweaters?


8. Clone Clothing — anything you have multiples of

Underwear and T-shirts are one thing, but if you notice that you've got six of the same floral dress, or suit or shirts etc.


That should raise a red flag, especially if you tend to favor one or two heavily above the others. Lay them all out and think about exactly what it was that made you think these pieces were so different to begin with. Now that you look at them all together, do those differences really hold up? Are you sure?


What was it that compelled you to buy these things when you already had nearly identical pieces in your wardrobe? Were there specific circumstances in which you bought these clothes? Were you shopping with friends?


Were these pieces on sale? Identifying the pieces and the circumstances under which you bought them will help you to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. It's not just enough to make a mental note. Actually writing them out will help you internalize the information and give you with physical document to refer to later.


Pick your favorites from each group and hang them back in your closet — clearly these are things you are really drawn to so having a backup isn't a bad idea — before moving on to the next step.


9. Virgin Clothing — pieces you've either never worn, or only worn once.

Discard of give out clothes you have never worn before because you do not like them but feel bad because you have never worn them. So even though you will never be caught dead wearing them you keep them.


10. "Other You" Clothing — anything that doesn't fit or would fit if you were a different you (skinnier, fatter, taller, shorter, whatever)

Do not bother keeping clothes that are not your size because one day you just might maybe fit into them or whatever live for now and wear what fits you now.

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