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What Is Right, What Is Wrong?

I was sent a mail today on a publication about Muslim Women starting up on Medium. I read the articles therein. There are only two at the moment. The first I read was direct and the other was — well, lets just say it caused me to put this down.



What’s the purpose? We’ll see as we go along but the truth is that I am really writing this for myself to get the confusion I currently feel out of my system.



I tried to comment on one of the publications, but I couldn’t exactly say what was on my mind because I felt that it would be judged, misunderstood and most likely misinterpreted so I put down something. I ended up saying something that could be taken in a number of ways; but it wouldn’t be polarizing and would be easy on the eyes (and the stomach to be honest).



That’s what happens to a lot of us today isn’t it? We have thoughts that we want to get out there but we don’t want to offend. We have been brought up from so many different backgrounds that it is almost impossible to have the same state of awareness and opinions as everyone around us.



Is that such a bad thing? Shouldn’t we be able to ask questions that bother us? Shouldn’t we be able to challenge the status quo or are religion and tradition so important that it should stifle our questions and leave us more confused than sated?



Just to get this out of the way, I am a Christian. Not an “always in church, tongue speaking, fire branded militant for Christ” type of Christian. I am just an individual who believes that there is a God and that He created the heavens and the earth. I believe in the trinity and in heaven and hell but I am still human and I still make mistakes.



Now there are certain things that I do that would be considered very “unchristian-like” but I am still finding my way and as such, I hold each person accountable to their conscience. I cannot tell them what to do or what to believe in and I most certainly cannot shun them because they believe differently from me.



Why then is there so much hate among religions? Who is really right and who is really wrong? Do we know for certain? Do we have the right of way as to insist on what a person must and should do? Yes there is our conscience and yes there is our individual belief but here’s a question for you: “what forms your notion of right and wrong?”



Is it society or is it our upbringing? I say it’s both usually. As a Nigerian, we have certain moral codes which are ingrained in us growing up and when we (Nigerians) see people from other cultures doing things contrary to ours, we are left wondering how they can do what they do and yet think it’s right.



It’s exactly the same thing from other cultures looking in. They would see us as backward, uncouth and some such thing because of their own level of enlightenment but does that make them any better?



Why do some blacks hate the whites so much and vice versa? Why does racial tension continue to build even after so many years of supposed “enlightenment”?. Why do some Christians hate Muslims and vice versa? Why do some straight people hate gay people? Why does the church and the mosque relegate these people to the background? Why don’t all religions get along? Why do all these things happen when each “religion” claims to practice and believe in love?



Do we really live in a world of love? I have read so much here and seen so much pain that it is baffling! Yet churches and mosques are growing in numbers by the day yet the world and the people therein seem even more desperate than ever before.\



Why is this so?!!


Writing this leaves me with more questions than answers and I don’t know if we will ever have these answers at the end of the day. I guess we will just have to wait for the end won’t we?



Either by death or by the end of the world (whatever your belief, it is agreed that everything that has a beginning must have an end yes?) we will know the answer one way or the other.



I will end with this quote. I believe it is the best summary of what I have been trying to say for Lord knows how long:

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