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Your Love Doctor Is Fake

Love makes the world go round and is one of the top commodities in the world.



Love is in high demand as billions of humans people are searching for love. People want to fall in love, be loved or love someone. The pursuit of happiness has been outrun by the pursuit of love.


Valentine's Day is a great day for most businesses because we are all looking for the four letter word even if it is in strange places.


There is a high demand for love and just like in any other business, where demand is high, a lot of people have come into the game claiming that they have the real deal.


Love doctors, counsellors and therapists are everywhere online and social media these days. The next man or woman knows about love more than you.


They parade themselves as love doctors, sex experts and relationship gurus and claim they have a quick fix for everything. They have tips, articles, pretty solutions and colourful background stories on everything about love, sex and relationships.


Who are these people? Most of them are fame hungry and attention thirsty folks. They want to be famous so bad that they come up with witty lines on love and relationships.



Unfortunately, people fall for their quackery because they want to be loved and gullible.



How do you take love advice from someone who has not been married for years? Most of you listen to 'professional advice' from people who are not married. Many of them are not even in relationships but you people listen to them.



This is the perfect case of the blind leading the blind. If your love doctor knows so much about love why isn't he or she married?


#LaidBareLive ✔ @Oloni
And if we can truly be commited to one person if we decide to marry


#LaidBareLive ✔ @Oloni
That's why I like talking to my friends in open relationships. A lot of them are in honest and happy places because of being in an open relationship.
9:38 PM - 23 Apr 2017
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Don't let anyone deceive you. No one can tell you anything about love, relationships and marriage except old people. I would rather take love advice from a man who has been married for 40 years than from a Yoruba demon or a chick whose relationships haven't gone past six months.


The thirst to be with someone so badly has led to the emergence of quacks who tell you they know everything about love. It's a lie, they know nothing. If they are still single they are faker than Nicki Minaj's body. Stop listening to them.

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