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Russian President Vladimir Putin Issues Warning on U.S.-Supplied Munitions to Ukraine


July 17, 2023

In a video clip released by Russian state TV on Sunday, President Vladimir Putin threatened retaliation with cluster bombs if Ukraine were to use U.S.-supplied munitions against Russian forces. The warning comes after Ukraine received a shipment of cluster munitions from the United States.

Cluster munitions are a contentious type of missiles and bombs that disperse numerous small explosive devices over the target area. Many of these devices do not detonate upon impact, posing a long-term danger to civilians even after hostilities have ceased.

It is important to note that 111 countries have banned the use of cluster bombs under an international treaty, but both the U.S., Ukraine, and Russia have not signed this treaty. The situation adds to the ongoing tension in the region and raises concerns about the potential use of such munitions in the conflict.