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Heatwave Grips Southern Europe and North-West Africa, Record-breaking Temperatures Expected

A scorching heatwave is sweeping through various regions of southern Europe and north-west Africa, with the potential for record-breaking temperatures in the coming days. Parts of Spain, France, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey are expected to experience temperatures surpassing 40°C. Dubbed the Cerberus heatwave by the Italian Meteorological Society, named after the three-headed monster from Dante’s […]

Death toll from Greece train crash rises to 57

The death toll from Tuesday’s train crash in Greece has increased to 57. Eleni Zaggelidou, one of ten coroners working on the investigation, said DNA had been taken from 57 intact bodies. Rail workers held a one-day strike on Thursday following the disaster, blaming government neglect. While Zoe Rapti, Greece’s deputy minister of health, said […]