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Dutch Government Implements Ban on Mobile Phones in Classrooms


July 7, 2023

The Dutch government, in collaboration with schools, has unveiled a plan to prohibit devices such as mobile phones from classrooms in order to prevent disruptions to learning.

Education Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf stated that the initiative will take effect at the beginning of the upcoming year, emphasizing that mobile phones have no place in the educational environment.

This move follows a recent decision by Finland, and similar proposals have been made by countries like England and France, all aiming to enhance learning outcomes by banning mobile phones. Numerous studies have demonstrated that limiting children’s screen time is associated with improved cognition and concentration.

While exceptions will be made for students with medical requirements or disabilities, as well as for classes focused on digital skills, the Dutch government’s measure seeks to create a more focused and conducive learning environment by curbing the presence of mobile phones in classrooms.